College Counseling Specialty Services

Specialty Services

For those students who only want or need assistance in certain areas 

These are set number of hours in which we will work with the student in very specific issues. Hours could be done individually or in a set block of time. Some of these could be as follows: 

  • Self-Discovery & Career Assessment

  • College Researching & Selection

  • Extracurricular Activities Sheet

  • Examinations Strategy

  • Athletic, Artists & Disability Advising

  • Supplemental Material Advising

  • Application Review

  • College application essay and Supplemental essays Brainstorming and Editing

  • Interview Coaching

  • GAP year advising

Hourly Services

For those students or parents who want to pay at a hourly basis 

Hourly services are a great way to get a glimpse of how we can help you or your student in the college admission and/or in the financial aid process.


A parent can consult us with any topic of interest and we will be happy to assist you in your inquiries. 

Additional Services


In addition to these services, IvyWay is available to offer the following workshops and seminars:

  • College Admission Seminars

  • College Admission Workshops

  • Financial Aid Seminars

  • Financial Aid Workshops

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