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The IvyWay Methodology

IvyWay College Admissions & Financial Aid Counseling offers what we call the "IvyWay Methodology". This methodology is none other than a strict step-by-step approach that we follow which ensures that your student completes all of the tasks that need to be completed for the college admissions process in the best and most strategic way possible. The underlying goal of our methodology is to give your student their best possible shot in the college admission process:


  • We strive to get to know the student fully (this is why it is so important to start early in the process).

  • We discuss with the student's parents their expectations on the process and keep them informed at all times.

  • We are very strategic in our approach since we know first hand that college admissions is all about strategy.

  • We also work in a multi-pronged approach, completing everything that needs to be done, all at the same time.

  • We work in a strict step-by-step approach that ensures that everything is covered within the process.

  • And lastly, we are all about commitment and are fully committed to helping your student gain admission to as many universities as possible, in particular, to their dream school! We are also committed to helping those students who need financial aid, get the most financial aid awards as possible! 


Sometimes your student may have only one chance to get into their school of choice especially those who want to do Early admission or those needing financial aid. Wouldn't you want to give him or her their best shot in the process? Let us help with our strategic, multi-pronged, step-by-step IvyWay Methodology! 

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even though I thought that I knew what I was doing,

once I started with you, I realized quickly that you knew way many things that I had

not considered in the process. Your coaching and guidance was undeniably key to my acceptance to my top choice! We did it!” 

- Anonymous student, San Juan, PR

Attending Brown University Class of 2025

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