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IvyWay College Admissions & Financial Aid Consulting gets results! Check out a sampling of some of the college acceptances and financial aid awards our students have recently received:

College Acceptances
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Financial Aid Awards

Student A (Senior)

Financial Aid Award (VU): $49,795

Financial Aid Award (AU):$41,900


Student B (Senior)

Financial Aid Award (NW): $44,236

Financial Aid Award (USC): $35,317

Student C (Senior)

Financial Aid Award (UPENN): $240,000 or full ride as student became a QuestBridge Scholar

Student D (Junior)

Financial Aid  (UD): $49,910

Student E (Junior)

Financial Aid  (LNO): $47,120


Student F (Sophomore)

Financial Aid  (RPI): $41,500

Student G (Sophomore)

Financial Aid  (GWU): $37,000

Student H (First year)

Financial Aid  (NYU): $78,743 (Full ride!)

Student I (First year)

Financial Aid  (Dartmouth): $66,369

Student J (First year)

Financial Aid  (Barnard): $47,714


A Great Future Starts With IvyWay!
Students at the Park

College Counseling


I can't say enough wonderful things about our college counseling experience. The individualized attention, the high level of organization and follow up, and the unrelenting support made all the difference in my daughter's application process. Her guidance reduced a large amount of stress for us as parents and she is clearly extremely knowledgable and experienced. My daughter clicked with her and felt that she had a trusted and caring consultant in every step of the way. We had a fantastic experience and I highly highly highly recommend her!!

-Anonymous parent, Dorado, PR

Attending Princeton University Class of 2024

Many thanks for all of your help in this process! I would never have been able to offer all of the counseling that you offered to my daughter during this process. I was right next to her when she received her acceptance notice! What great news! We are super happy!  

-Anonymous parent, San Juan, PR

Attending University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Class of 2023

Thank you for guiding our son to help him find his ideal university. With patience, love and dedication, you helped him from the analysis all the way to his final selection. We will never forget how you went above and beyond to make sure that the process went smoothly!

We have found a friend in you, highly recommend you and wish you great success! 

-Anonymous parent, San Juan, PR

Attending American University Class of 2022

Many thanks for all you did for my son. I will forever be grateful.

- Anonymous parent, San Juan, PR

Attending Hamilton College Class of 2021

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