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IvyWay Services

IvyWay offers services that fit every student's needs. All the way from full comprehensive packages that cover all four years of the college admission process up to hourly services from those students who only need assistance in certain areas of their college application - we do it all!

Our services are as follows:

Counseling Packages

Counseling packages are offered for Freshmen & Sophomore Years, Junior & Senior Years, Senior Year only, and the Ultimate Package which covers all four of the student's high school years. We also offer Transfer packages for those students wishing to transfer out of the current college they are attending. 

Counseling Specialty

Counseling packages are offered for students who only need assistance in certain areas within the College Admission Process. For these students, we offer specialty packages and hourly services. IvyWay is also available to conduct seminars and/or hands-on workshops on different topics within the College Admission Process. If there is any additional services that you need and we do not offer, let us know and we will accommodate to your needs. 

Financial Aid Counseling

IvyWay offers Financial Aid Counseling Services to those students in need of financial aid to attend universities in the United States. We help parents fulfill all of the necessary documentation and processes for financial aid including the CSS Profile, the FAFSA, and IDOC, among others. We also help students and their parents with any Federal student and parent loan originations that they may need. 

A Great Future Starts With IvyWay!


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even though I thought that I knew what I was doing,

once I started with you, I realized quickly that you knew way many things that I had

not considered in the process. Your coaching and guidance was undeniably key to my acceptance to my top choice! We did it!” 

- Anonymous student, San Juan, PR

Attending Brown University Class of 2025

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