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What is an Independent
Educational Consultant?


  • Is your student organized, self-disciplined, self-motivated and very independent?

  • Does your student's high school college counselor offer personal attention to their students?

  • Is your student (and you!) overwhelmed by the application process especially with all of the details that need to be taken care of?

  • Do you have the time and the expertise to help your student in the college application process? (i.e. the process has changed a lot since your college days!)

  • Are you confused about the financial aid process but need it so that your student can attend college?

If you identify with these concerns, then what you need is an Independent Educational Consultant. Independent Educational Consultants or IECs are private educational consultants that help find the right college or university for your student. IECs:

  • Are insiders about the college admission process and can see the fit between the student and the school.

  • Offer individualized one-on-one private consulting something that for high school counselors is sometimes very difficult to do.

  • Know the schools either through our visits to the colleges and universities and/or our meetings with admission representatives.

  • Belong to professional associations and attend professional conferences or training workshops to keep up-to-date with regional and national trends and changes in the law.

  • Keep ethical guidelines for private counseling.

Lastly, sometimes your student may have only one chance to get into their school of choice especially those who want to do Early or those needing financial aid. Wouldn't you want to give your student their best shot in the process?

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even though I thought that I knew what I was doing,

once I started with you, I realized quickly that you knew way many things that I had

not considered in the process. Your coaching and guidance was undeniably key to my acceptance to my top choice! We did it!” 

- Anonymous student, San Juan, PR

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