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Class of 2020 Admission Rates!

The New York Times' Frank Bruni published an opinion column on March 30, 2016 claiming that Stanford University had declined to admit anyone for the class of 2020. In other words, there would be no freshman class in the fall i.e. their acceptance rate was that of 0%. Even though this was meant to be a satire on the college admission process, pretty soon we may see many other popular schools having single digits acceptance rates as student population increases!

Check out the Admission Rates for some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the US including all 8 Ivy League schools:

Class of Class of

School 2020 2019

Brown University 10% 9%

Columbia University 6% 6%

Cornell University 14% 15%

Dartmouth College 11% 10%

Duke University 10% 10%

Georgetown University 16% 16%

Harvard University 5% 5%

Johns Hopkins University 12% 12%

Middlebury College 16% 17%

MIT 8% 8%

New York University TBA 31%

Northwestern University 11% 13%

Pomona College 9% 10%

Princeton University 6% 7%

Stanford University 5% 5%

Swarthmore College 12% 12%

Tufts University 14% 16%

University of Chicago TBA 8%

University of Pennsylvania 9% 10%

University of Southern California 16% 17%

University of Virginia 29% 28%

Vanderbilt University 10% 11%

Williams College 17% 17%

Yale University 6% 6%

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