Key takeaways from the College Admission Scandal!

Infuriating isn't it? To have students get accepted into schools (mind you, top schools!) only because their parents practically bought their college acceptances!

But what are some key takeaways from this scandal? 1) Students and parents should stop placing so much importance on "name-brand" schools. The important thing here is for the student to attend a school that is a "college fit" for them. What does that mean? That the school provides the academic, intellectual and social environment suitable for their own personal and professional growth. 2) Even rich people get caught in the most secretive of schemes! So don't do it! Just don't! It's not worth it to have to go to prison for wanting your kids to attend USC when in fact your kid deserved to attend Arizona State University! Let them get in the good, old-fashion way: by working hard for it! 3) When working with an Independent Educational Consultant it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that they belong to IECA and NACAC, as a minimum, to ensure that they are abiding by the strict ethical standards that both of these organizations require from their members.

IvyWay College Admissions & Financial Aid Consulting has always been committed to offering ethical advice and will continue to do so even more now in light of what has just occurred these past few days.



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