College essay trick: SHOW FIRST!

"Where I come from being religious is unusual; Washington is considered the least religious state in the nation. Very few of my classmates go to church. The few who do probably would find my belief system rigorous and almost radical. Christian Science is most known for the practice of spiritual healing and for me, it is a way of life. It does not only come out in times of need, but is a part of my everyday existence and rids fear from each activity."

Boring right? What about...?

"Biking along Lake Washington, the trees flew past me and the wind whistled in my ears. The dry smell of summer filled the air, and my legs churned up and down. The wind was at my back, and I felt like I was flying. Seconds later, however, I veered out of control. My bike and I hit the pavement and skidded across the road."

Catched your attention right?

The best college essays are those that SHOW FIRST! You need to catch the Admission personnel's attention or else he/she will not read your essay and that is not what you want. Check out this article which further explains this trick: