Q: Will attending Harvard's Summer Program improve my chances of getting in?

A: No, it will not. And this is precisely one of the great myths of the college admission process: thinking that attending one of these selective programs will help you get accepted into it later on in your senior year. In fact, not only will it not help you get into Harvard, it may, in fact, jeopardize your chances at other schools that may think that you only wish to attend this school. There is also the factor of seeming to be wealthy, so financial aid applicants need to be aware of this. So what are good reasons for attending a pre-college summer program? 1) Determining which major(s) you could consider for college 2) Determining the type of school you may apply to 3) To experience college life while still in high school. These are all good reasons. There are more. But thinking that attending Harvard's SP will help get you into Harvard. Nope, that is not a good reason. Read the below article on this topic:


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