Test Optional does not mean Test Blind

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic even Harvard University and Stanford University are Test Optional so why bother taking the SAT or the ACT; test scores will not play a major role in admissions! Well, sorry to tell you but this is a misconception. According to the article: "While test-optional policies create a new lane for students who struggle with standardized testing, these schools often still value strong testers who submit scores. Students who do not submit scores will be evaluated on the rest of their application, including grades and extracurricular involvement, but they lack the additional evidence that test scores can provide in a competitive admissions environment. In this environment, solid test scores may carry even more weight than usual. In other words, outstanding test scores remain an asset that many applicants will use to their advantage." We completely agree with this article. In this competitive environment, it is important for students to take them no matter if schools say that they are optional. So, register, study and take these exams!


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